April 5, 2010

You might have been wondering if I gave up writing this blog already. The answer to that is no. Since selling Captaris in the Fall of 2008 I took some time off to enjoy life, and I also explored a couple of startup possibilities. Going into this year I thought one of the startups was about to take off, and I was locked and loaded on making it happen. Unfortunately, it was dependent on third party IP that never materialized.

When the startup fell apart it was only a couple of weeks from the Olympics. A life long friend and his family were going to joining my family on our Olympic trip. I decided to throw all my energy into making it the trip of a lifetime, and it was.

Now you’re probably wondering what does this has to do with the blog; I’m getting to that. I also promised myself I would start writing a blog and begin looking for the next interesting challenge on the other side of the trip. Last week the second part of that promise was realized.

For the next nine months I’ve taken an assignment as the Interim COO in an early stage company (I’ll share the name when the contract gets finalized) that has developed cutting edge digital video surveillance and analysis technology. Like many early stage companies they have interesting technology, but haven’t found their niche in the market. My job is to determine the right market fit, package the product, and bring focus to the company. This is a role I have played several times over my career, and it should make for interesting new blog postings.

Unfortunately the job isn’t local, so last week I spent a fair amount of time planning an extended commute. The good news is the job is in Michigan where I have lots of family. I start tomorrow, so you should be hearing about it soon. I look forward to getting this company to the next level of success and sharing what I learn with you, so stayed tuned.

I’ll try not to have such a big gap in the future, but last week was very busy.


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